Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alternative Polymer Clay Tools!

Hey guys, so I went to buy my first clay tools today and noticed. They weren't that different from a few household items, and that acrylic? Nail polish will do the job.

So first are the ball tools, honestly I didn't find any alternative that produced the exact same results, so I think that's one of the tools you'll need to get at the store. I did find something pretty useful though.

I actually have many of these at home, they come in different sizes so chose carefully. The real purpose of these rods is actually quite... strange if you don't already know, it's an ear picker. Gross, yeah. But they're actually really cheap and you can get them at any Asian market for like 99 cents. It works as a carving tool and the end can be used to paint dots and things for eyes or blush and polkadots. It could also be used for sculpting.

 This as you can see is a sharpie marker. It can be used to draw things on already baked polymer clay. And it also suffices as a rolling pin, a crayola marker also works. Another thing is, when I went to buy pastels I noticed how expensive they were, honestly all you need to shade clay is chalk, it produces about the same results and is like ten times cheaper.

Acrylic, This really isn't that expensive, but Nail polish is just about the same (except you can not bake it, NEVER BAKE) and I have a bunch of it.

So when I found the earpicker thing it actually came in a set with a few other things, but I did find another useful shaping tools.I really don't know what it is but it looks as if it could be useful, next time I go to china i''l be sure to bring back more of these tools to put on my Etsy, China also has really cheap blades for like 10 cents (USD) for like 5 and comes with a handle thing so i'll bring plenty of those ,too.

Here's a few other tools that I found, that you probably already know about

Toothbrush; Texturing much easier then using a texture tool thing.
Toothpick; Paint dots or carve small details.
Cookiecutters; Cut cool shapes.
Comb; for texturing.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Polymer Clay Basics


So I saw this online when I was surfing the web and thought you guys might like this.

So first you're going to get a light blue ball ( you can also use purple) of polymer clay.

Take about 1/3 of the clay. Then shape it into another ball.

 Then  you're going to shape out a nose. Just pull out
one side of the circle and smooth it out

Next you're going to take about 1/4 of what's left of the first ball of clay you made. Make it into another ball and cut it in half. Shape the two halves into circles and flatten them. Use a rod or ball tool to make an indentation in the ear.

 Now connect it to the head and nose. It should look like this.

Take the remaining clay you have and shape it into a cylinder. Next just place the head on the skinnier side of the cylinder. On the opposite side you can create a tail with any clay you have left.

You can the use a ball tool to shape the feet at the bottom of the cylinder.

Just bake it and paint on the eyes, in the picture below i didn't add any detail so you could create yours any way you like.


This is my first time making a cupcake too! SO go easy on me kay?

So for this tutorial I mixed Blue with Pearl to get the color on the left, and I mixed Gold, Jewelry Gold, and White to get the color on the right. I used Sculpey clay.
 So first I made my blue clay into a cylinder and cut it in half.
 Then I smoothed out the sides and flattened the top and bottom.

Then I added ridges to the sides with a thin rod, you can use a ball tool or a toothpick.

 Now for the cake part
 I rolled out a ball of clay then cut it in half
 The attached it to the cup, then I use my finger and slightly smoothed the cup and cake together, Then I used a toothbrush and textured the top, then BAKE! You're done!


This is one of my first creations in the world of polymer clay, it's cute, yet easy to make. This tutorial will guide you through the steps of making this adorable bow.

1. Roll out a piece of polymer clay. Make sure it is long and slim.

2. Cut the clay on all four sides, make all sides equal.
3. Fold both sides over so that they are touching.
4. Now, take one flap and put the two corners together, then do this with the other flap.

 5. Either cut off or smooth the two flaps in the back, into the bow.

6. Roll out a small piece of clay, cut into another rectangle. Then wrap around the middle of the bow.
You're done! You can add a circle stick thingy (forgot what it's called) if you want, or make a band and glue it down to make a ring. Don't forget to bake it!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daily Clay

FEBRUARY 7, 2013

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in quite a while! So, I made a new tutorial go check it out! <3 It's a fail(ish) cupcake. When I say Ish I meant it looked pretty good in real life but really ugly in the pic, So how have you guys been! I added a few products to my Etsy, so yeah. I have a math test tomorrow and I need to study, I'm failing Geometry and i'm pretty confident I can get at least a B on this test! BTW. I'm in eighth grade (asian) probably already guessed though huh?

JANUARY 29, 2013

Today was a bad day. I felt like I was in Seventh Grade again. Last year in the beginning of my Seventh grade year, I became very introverted. I wouldn't talk to some of my friends, actually it's not that I wouldn't, I COULDN'T. My grades were dropping from A's to B-'s. And I had family trouble, but that's for another day and another story. I would stay completely quiet when hanging out with my friends, even one of my best friends became hard to talk to. I felt like I wanted to kill myself, but couldn't bring myself to it. I cut once, but it was tiny and I cried for Two hours after, because I felt so bad. I hated everything, people that I hung out with would ask me why I was so quiet, and I just didn't know what to say. I hated everything. I was never like this before, what happened to me? I would ask myself. When Eighth grade came around, I told myself I would make this a better year, so far it's been good. But today, today was by far the worst. As you might be able to tell, I opened up a bit, but still remained quiet. So one of my friends asked me today why I was so quiet, I felt like crying. Especially when he told me that I never say bye when I leave, and so I said I only did that once and that best friend said that I didn't and she looked annoyed. I almost cried tears of frustration. No one would ever understand me. Even when I tell my mom about these kind of things, she doesn't care. I don't want to cry myself to sleep any more. Everything was getting better, not at home, but at school it was. Then this had to happen. I'll make it through. I'm sensitive,but I know not to give up.

JANUARY 31, 2013

So far the blog as been going well! I have 122 views in about 4 days. Good or Bad I don't know, you tell me. No followers yet, but I think as soon as I publish more tutorials, or posts, the blog will get more popular ;). Right now I'm really focusing on this blog and not on my Etsy store, since I still have a number of years until I can get my own Credit Card... Maybe i'll make a few ads so I can acquire some money to start my store and gather supplies. Bye Buy Guys.

Hey Guys! Welcome to the Daily Clay, my daily clay journal. Sometimes it will be about polymer clay, sometimes about my horrible day. But anyway, i'll be okay. >.<.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Etsy: In 2 Years; College Maybe?

JANUARY 26, 2013

During the day, I decided that I would be making an Etsy account. I had fun with the shop, then realized. I needed a bank account (which I have) and a credit card (which I don't have). So I decided that I will be Officially opening my shop, on Dec. 20, 2015. When I turn fifteen. I'll spend these two years making the shop attractive and eye catching to all viewers. I'll think of products and develop the stores variety. So I need your help. I have a number of products lined up so far, like polymer clay charms, and resin, rose earrings. I look forward to the opening of my store :D

Start here.


Today I created a banner for my shop :D. It turned out better than I thought it would since i'm only a novice artist. I would like to make a full scale one soon, for this blog. It will overall have the same theme, but i'll swap out a few colors and make it look more whimsical. :) I think I will add a cheap banner making section into my shop. I'll begin making the products after Chinese New Year, when I have money :). So far the supplies I've acquired are; nothing. I'll need some resin and polymer clay. Maybe even some mold putty. Have a great day guys ;)

Hey guys. So I was thinking today and I might change the shop opening date to when I start college. The reason for this; A. I don't have a credit card, and don't want to use up my moms money. B. I'm still trying to get better at making polymer clay things so I need more practice C. I'm not emotionally stable. So I hope you understand. Thanks.